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While Optic-Net endeavors to provide the highest levels of security, it is wise for all computer users to utilize all precautions when surfing the Internet or just sending and receiving e-mail. Computer safety for all computer users has become a very important subject for the past couple of years and should be taken seriously by anyone who uses or owns a computer.

Anti-Virus Software

    Everyone should be using an anti-virus software on their computer, even when you are not connecting to the Internet. Viruses also are spread by software on diskettes and even on CD-ROM disks. A very good free anti-virus software is  available from GrisSoft. This anti-virus software is free for personal use. Click here to download AVG Anti-Virus software or the link below to be taken to the download page for AVG Anti-Virus software. 

Ad Ware & Computer Robots

Ad Ware is used on the World Wide Web for tracking where you have been and what web sites you visited. These companies collect this information and then sell it to the product marketing companies. This is accomplished by using "cookies" in your web browser. Popup ads also use cookies. The computer robots, also known as Bots, are also used to gather this information. Bots can also damage your computer files, and can be used by computer hackers to start and attack other computers on the Internet so the attack can't be traced back to them. AdAware is software that is used to clean the cookies and bots off of your system. AdAware is free for non commercial use. Click here to download Ad Aware or the link below to be taken to the download page for AdAware software. SpyBot Search and Destroy is another free software for finding and removing cookies and Bots off your system. Click here to download SpyBot Search and Destroy  or on the link below to be taken to the download page for SpyBot Search and Destroy software.


 It is always wise to protect your computer from outside intruders with a "firewall". A "firewall" is software protection that gives you a high degree of control when outside programs or processes attempt to access your Internet connection. Zone Labs offers free downloadable firewall software that is easy to install and use. Click here to download Zone Labs Free Firewall or the link below to be taken to the download page for Zone Labs Free Firewall. 


   These are only four of the many free and commercial software utilities available on the Internet and in stores for removing these problems. 

Download AVG Anti-Virus software

Download Ad Aware

Download SpyBot Search and Destroy

Download Zone Labs Free Firewall